At a glance:

  • Individuals who don’t meet the residency requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are non-residents.
  • Yes, non-residents in Australia can purchase income protection insurance.
  • Non-residents wishing to purchase income protection insurance from Aspect will need to meet different requirements.



Don’t live in Australia? Are you planning to stay in the country for a while? Perhaps you are wondering about purchasing income protection insurance as a non-resident. If you are unable to work, income protection insurance, also known as disability or illness insurance, provides financial support. This type of insurance protects families that rely on their income to survive.



Who are considered non-residents in Australia?


Individuals who live in Australia but don’t meet the residency requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are non-residents. According to the ATO, a resident is someone who:

  • Have lived in Australia all their lives or moved to Australia to live permanently
  • During the current tax year, they have lived in Australia for at least six months and do not intend to return to their home overseas.
  • Have studied in the country for over six months as an overseas student


A non-resident is someone who does not meet any of the above criteria.



Is income protection insurance available for non-residents in Australia?


Yes, non-residents in Australia can purchase income protection insurance. Compared to Australian residents, non-residents may have a challenging time obtaining income protection insurance.


The majority of insurers require that non-residents who wish to purchase the best income protection insurance must have a valid work visa or permanent residency. The reason is income protection insurance is designed to help employees and self-employed people financially.


Further, it may be difficult to demonstrate that you have a regular income if you do not have a valid work visa or permanent residency.


If yes, what are the requirements?


Non-residents wishing to purchase income protection insurance in Australia must comply with various requirements depending on their insurer. Some of the most common requirements are:


Working visa or residency:

Insurers generally require non-residents who wish to purchase income protection insurance in Australia to have a valid work visa or permanent residency.


Evidence of income:

To qualify for income protection insurance, a non-resident must demonstrate that he or she has a regular source of income in Australia. Pay stubs or tax returns can serve as proof.


Health and medical history:

If a non-resident wants to qualify for income protection insurance, they may have to show evidence of their health and medical history. Medications and test results can be included.


Age and occupation:

Certain high-risk occupations and those over a certain age are not eligible for income protection insurance. Non-residents may be restricted in their ability to purchase income protection insurance based on their age and occupation.


Is it possible for non-residents to purchase income protection insurance in Australia aspect



What are the factors to consider when buying income protection insurance as non-residents in Australia?




Always prioritise coverage, which means the policy you purchase must provide adequate insurance protection. For this purpose, you should know what types of illnesses, injuries, and disabilities are covered, as well as the amount of financial assistance available.


Waiting period


It is the period between becoming disabled and starting to receive income protection insurance payments that are known as the waiting period. Considering the waiting period when buying income protection insurance is essential since the period during which you are unable to work can have a significant impact on your financial security.

Depending on your policy terms, waiting periods maybe 30, 60, or 90 days. If your application for income insurance is accepted, applying for a shorter waiting period will likely increase your cost compared to applying for a longer waiting period.


Benefit period


After the waiting period has expired, you will receive a benefit payment from your insurance policy for the benefit period.

Benefit periods are usually longer, meaning you will be covered for an extended period of time, which can give you greater peace of mind and financial security. Due to the extensive coverage provided by prolonged benefit periods, premiums may also be higher

Shorter benefit periods may be easier to afford but may not provide enough coverage if you suffer from a serious or sustained illness or injury that keeps you from working for an extended period of time.




A premium is a price you pay for your income protection policy. Income protection insurance premiums can vary significantly between insurers, so it is essential to consider them when purchasing. Choosing a policy that fits your budget requires comparing premiums from different insurers.




The last thing you should do is understand any exclusions, what is covered, and what is outside the policy parameters.


Income protection insurance may exclude the following causes of injury or illness:

  • You are unable to work because of self-inflicted injuries.
  • Suicide attempt
  • Engaging in criminal activity of any kind
  • Drugs and alcohol consumption


Is it possible for non-residents to purchase income protection insurance in Australia aspect underwriting



How can I buy income protection insurance in Australia as a non-resident?


If you are not a resident of Australia, you can purchase income protection insurance through Aspect Underwriting (Aspect UW), an Australian insurance broker specialising in providing insurance solutions.


You can schedule a consultation with one of Aspect’s insurance specialists by visiting their website and submitting the contact form. Your income protection insurance specialist will help you find a policy that suits your needs and budget during your consultation.


Aspect offers a wide variety of insurance products, so if you are satisfied with the policy they offer, you can proceed with the application. In addition to guiding you through the process, Aspect provides assistance with completing using any necessary documents, such as proof of income and health history, a work visa, or permanent residency status.


Once your application is approved, as long as you pay the premiums, your income protection insurance will remain in effect.



Why choose Aspect to buy income protection insurance?


You usually consider factors such as the waiting period, the benefit period, and the level of coverage when purchasing income protection insurance. As having the right coverage tailored to your specific requirements is essential, it’s so vital to work with a reputable insurance provider. If you need income protection insurance, consider Aspect Underwriting:


Specialist insurance provider


Individuals, professionals, and business owners can choose from a variety of income protection insurance solutions offered by Aspect. Their extensive industry knowledge will assist you in navigating the various options and selecting the best policy for your needs.


Comprehensive coverage


Aspect also covers both physical and mental health conditions. As a result, you will be able to maintain your financial stability during a challenging time by receiving a benefit payment of up to 85% of your pre-disability income.




Aspect lets you customise your policy to meet your specific needs. By availing of waiting periods ranging from 14 days to 90 days, you can choose a benefit period that’s right for you.


Exceptional customer service


Aspect prides itself on providing exceptional customer service with a dedicated claims team that is on hand throughout the claims process. Assistance is always just a phone call away.


Competitive pricing


Regardless of your income protection insurance needs, Aspect provides competitive pricing to ensure you get the right coverage for an affordable price.

Check out Aspect’s website for more information and to purchase income protection insurance.  Contact them today!

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