At a glance:

  • Aspect Income Protection offers unmatched income replacement of up to 85%, tailored benefit and waiting period options, and coverage for partial disablement.
  • Beyond income replacement, Aspect offers premium waivers during claim periods, rehabilitation assistance, homemaker benefits, and a range of optional benefits like unemployment cover, ensuring comprehensive support during challenging times.
  • Aspect prioritises individual needs and provides personalised plans tailored to income levels, career stages, and health conditions.



In today’s fast-paced world, financial security is more crucial than ever, and finding the right income protection can be a lifeline during unexpected life events.

Aspect Underwriting redefines the standards of income security with a bespoke Income Protection plan, designed to cater to individuals’ unique needs and lifestyles across the board.

Offering unparalleled flexibility, comprehensive coverage options, and a commitment to personal support, Aspect stands out as the premier choice for those seeking to safeguard their financial future.

This distinction has not gone unnoticed, as we’ve proudly earned the highly commended brand accolade in the Best Income Protection category at the prestigious 2024 Finder Awards.

In this article, we will explore the Aspect difference and how our tailored solutions can provide the peace of mind and financial stability you deserve, setting a new benchmark in income protection insurance.


Aspect Income Protection offers a reliable choice for financial security in Australia. Explore our extensive coverage, flexibility, and personalised policy.-aspect au


Unveiling the Aspect Difference: Extensive Coverage and Flexibility


Unmatched Income Replacement: Unlike most competitors, which are capped at 75%, we allow you to cover up to 85% of your income, ensuring significantly higher financial stability during disruptions. You can get up to a benefit of $42,000 per week limit, which is one of the highest levels on the market.

This can be crucial for individuals with high incomes or those requiring comprehensive protection to maintain their desired lifestyle.


Tailored Benefits and Waiting Periods: Choose your benefit period (1, 2, or 5 years or to age 65) to match your income needs and financial planning. Similarly, you can select a waiting period of 14, 30, 60, or 90 days to align with your savings and risk tolerance. This flexibility empowers you to design a plan that fits your unique circumstances perfectly.


Partial Disablement Benefits: Many policies only offer coverage for complete disability. Aspect recognises the impact of partial disablement and provides benefits even if you can work in a reduced capacity, offering crucial financial support during recovery and adjustment.


Higher Entry Age: Secure your future even later in life. Unlike the standard 60-year limit of many providers, Aspect allows you to join until you’re 65, giving you greater flexibility and peace of mind as you plan for retirement.



Beyond Protection: Additional Benefits and Support


Our dedication to your financial well-being extends far beyond income replacement. — it encompasses a holistic support system designed to assist you through life’s unforeseen challenges.

From premium waivers to rehabilitation assistance and even homemaker support, we go the extra mile to help you and your loved ones navigate the challenges of recovery and adjustment.


Premium Waiver: Focus on recovery without worrying about financial burdens. Your premiums are automatically waived during your claim period, ensuring financial stability remains a priority.


Rehabilitation Assistance: We go beyond just income replacement. We offer support for rehabilitation and return to work smoothly, facilitating a faster and more effective recovery process.

Aspect’s Income Protection policy offers additional benefits up to AUD 25,000 for professional assistance like vocational training and family counselling, including special equipment for your home or workplace to help you return to work or live independently after a disability.


Homemaker Assistance: Imagine your spouse or partner, who plays a vital role in household duties, becoming disabled. Aspect offers benefits to help maintain their essential contributions during such situations, alleviating additional stress and ensuring your household functions smoothly.

If your spouse/partner who manages your home and doesn’t have income suffers injury or illness and cannot perform their duties for 24+ hours, Aspect will provide up to $400/week for homemaker services for up to 26 weeks.


Financial support during a claim: While receiving benefits, Aspect will waive your premiums and increase your benefits payments annually by up to 5% to adjust for inflation.


Mental health discount option: You can get up to a 10% discount on premiums if you reduce the benefit period of mental health coverage to a maximum of 104 weeks.


Life events cover: You can increase your insured income by 15% upon experiencing specific life events like marriage, childbirth, or job promotion without additional medical checks.

This option is unavailable if health-related loadings, restrictions or exclusions already apply to your cover.


Additional Benefit Options: Enhance your coverage with optional benefits like involuntary unemployment coverage, housekeeper expenses, and childcare expenses. Tailor your plan to address specific concerns and potential financial disruptions you might face.



Exceptional Flexibility and Customisation


Automatic Benefit Increase: Your cover increases by 3% annually to keep pace with inflation, ensuring your income protection remains effective.

Additionally, you can apply for a 15% cover increase without medical reassessments for significant life events like marriage, childbirth, job promotion, or career change. This dynamic feature automatically adapts to your evolving needs and income levels.


Premium Pause: Facing temporary unemployment? You can pause your premiums for up to three months without impacting your coverage, offering valuable financial relief during challenging periods.


Transparent Premium Breakdown: Aspect provides a clear breakdown of your premium during the quote process, allowing you to understand precisely what you’re paying for and customise your coverage based on your budget and priorities. This transparency empowers you to make informed decisions and choose the most suitable protection for your needs.


Aspect Income Protection offers a reliable choice for financial security in Australia. Explore our extensive coverage, flexibility, and personalised policy.


Beyond Awards and Features: What Makes Aspect Unique?


Focus on Individual Needs: Unlike a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Aspect takes the time to understand your unique circumstances, income, lifestyle, and goals. We don’t simply offer a standard plan; we work closely with you to craft a personalised income protection solution that meets your needs and aspirations.


Unwavering Support: From the application process to ongoing support throughout your claim period, Aspect’s dedicated team is there for you. They answer your questions clearly, ensure you understand your coverage thoroughly and provide valuable guidance whenever needed. This personalised support ensures you feel informed and empowered throughout your journey.


Competitive Rates and Affordability: Aspect’s commitment to affordability makes their plans accessible to a broader range of individuals, regardless of income level. Even in the recent Finder’s 2024 award, we have been acknowledged for offering one of the most cost-effective policies for both white and blue-collar workers.



Is Aspect’s Income Protection Right for You?


If you value:

  • Extensive income replacement and flexible coverage options
  • Personalised approach and unwavering support
  • Competitive rates, transparency, and additional benefits
  • A partner committed to your financial security and well-being


Then, our Income Protection plan deserves serious consideration. Here are some specific scenarios where Aspect might be particularly suitable:


Young professionals: Secure your future early with flexible plans that adapt to your growing income and career trajectory.


High earners: Enjoy comprehensive protection with up to 85% income replacement to maintain your desired lifestyle in case of disruptions.


Individuals with pre-existing conditions: Their shorter exclusion window offers a chance at coverage even if you’ve faced past health challenges.


Stay-at-home parents: Protect your family’s financial stability with homemaker assistance benefits if your partner becomes disabled.


Self-employed individuals: Gain peace of mind knowing your income is protected even if you cannot work due to illness or injury.


Taking the Next Step:


Embarking on the journey to secure your financial future with Aspect’s Income Protection plan is a step towards peace of mind and resilience in the face of life’s uncertainties.

We invite you to dive deeper into the tailored protection options we offer by exploring our website, where you can find detailed information on plan specifics, eligibility criteria, and valuable resources to guide your decision-making process.

For personalised assistance and to discuss how our plans can best meet your unique needs, our dedicated team is ready and waiting to provide expert guidance and support.

With Aspect, you’re not just choosing an insurance plan; you’re choosing a partner committed to your long-term financial security and well-being. Take the first step today by visiting our website for a free online quote, and discover how we can help protect your income and your family’s future.

If you’re looking for peace of mind and the assurance of income replacement during unexpected events, Aspect could be the ideal partner in securing your financial tomorrow.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get a FREE online quote today and explore how Aspect can help you safeguard your income and your family’s well-being.

Mike Wallis

Mike has over 25 years experience, having spent his first seven years working as a Broker at Jardine Lloyd Thomson in Melbourne and in 2002 was transferred to JLT’s Accident and Health Department in London. For four years (2002 – 2005) Mike was a specialist A&H Lloyd’s Broker and during this time developed excellent relationships with the Lloyd’s A&H underwriting fraternity. In 2006 he returned to Australia in a senior broking position with overall responsibility for Placement Strategy, including the implementation of underwriting facilities and the various authorities granted by Lloyd’s. Mike was the underwriter at two specialist Underwriting Agencies prior to founding Aspect Underwriting in 2016.